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I normally work on files using SDL Trados Studio 2021, but I am more than happy to accept hard-copy work too. Nothing is off-limits and everything is up for discussion – all you have to do is ask and I'll find a solution that works for you.


Having worked in a French hospital, I have extensive experience with medical and pharmaceutical translation. Accuracy is crucial (sometimes literally a case of life and death...) to ensure diagnoses, adverse events, diseases etc. are communicated correctly. This requires thorough research, background knowledge and complete understanding of all the medical terms used in the text. 

My specialist areas are neurology (particularly stroke and brain tumours) and cardiology. The types of texts I am used to dealing with are:

  • Handwritten doctors' notes

  • Patient reports and Serious Adverse Event (SAE) forms

  • Notes from clinical trials

  • Abstracts for medical journals

  • Research papers

If you need a translator for a medical text, I would be happy to help. I will never accept a job I'm not confident I can complete to the highest standard. If a project is outside of my specialist areas, I will always be honest with you. Accuracy for the patient is much more important than my own personal gain.


One of the very first things that got me into language-learning was how fascinating I found the culture in other countries – and how much I really wanted to understand what they were saying! 

The opportunity to translate and work with content that aligns with my personal values and interests has been an absolute joy for me. I am a very creative person and a great storyteller (or so I'm told!), so lifestyle translations are my absolute favourite kind of projects to work on. From Swedish streetwear trends to idioms, I love it all! 

Some of the topics I am passionate about and have experience in are:

  • Wellness

  • Travel and tourism

  • Beauty: makeup, skincare, fashion

  • Women's issues: pink tax, feminine hygiene products, menstruation and the menopause

  • Social media posts

  • Magazine articles

  • Music

  • Pop culture, colloquialisms and slang (the German rap scene has expanded my vocabulary in ways unimaginable!)

… and just about anything creative!


I am well-known for my localisation services. Coming from Northern Ireland, I have learnt time and time again the value of catering to your target audience (even if the target audience is just a new friend who attaches completely different meanings to certain words than you do!). I endeavour to ensure that your content is meaningful to your target audience, and reads in a way that they understand and relate to.

One of my largest localisation projects to date has been the localisation of the website of a popular haircare brand. I have vast experience in converting different varieties of English – most commonly UK and US, but certainly not limited thereto!


All good translators need an excellent grasp of their own mother tongue. I have honed and refined my English skills over the years and have completed many proofreading jobs for many happy clients.

If you need someone to spot that missing comma or find that typo buried on page 54, you can count on me!


Along with proofreading, I am more than happy to revise and edit your text, and suggest changes, should you so wish. This is particularly useful for texts written by a non-native speaker of English – sometimes a text is grammatically sound, but it just doesn't sound 'like something we would say'. This is where I come in! As a native speaker, I am able to pick up on register and tone in a way that is very challenging for a non-native. I cater to the unique needs of each client to ensure that the final text is written appropriately, and is free from misspellings and grammatical errors.


In today's busy world, sometimes all you want or need is the 'gist'. Machine translation can get you there, but, more often than not, it won't sound good! Although machine translation rarely comes out beautifully written, it can be helpful when time isn't of the essence. I am able to post-edit machine output for you, saving you both time and money when you need it most.


I have a keen interest in audiovisual translation. I offer transcription services for both audio and video. Whether it's a wedding speech recorded on a mobile phone, radio show or emergency services call, I will gladly transcribe this for you.


Subtitling is huge in this day and age – whether you're watching a Scandi Noir on Netflix or just eating something a bit too crunchy as you catch up on the soaps, subtitles are your friend! Subtitling allows us access to so much content that would otherwise be unavailable to us. I can provide subtitles for content in English (any variety) or translated subtitles from French and German-language content.

I want to help other people discover foreign films, music in other languages, and other media as much as I possibly can. Sadly, there seems to be a stigma surrounding foreign-language content in anglophone countries – sometimes people (wrongly) assume that if something is 'good enough' then it'll be in English. I want to challenge this preconception. There are plenty of non-francophones who love French murder mysteries – they just don't know it yet!

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